Architects! Go back to school!

Architects! Go Back to School!

July 28, 2011

Feeling like you could use an ego boost in the midst of this dreadful recession?  Want to spend one hour being recognized for the rock star that you are and earn a self-reported CEU for it?  Need a really good excuse to get out from behind your computer?  Want to re-live happy memories of your childhood?  Want to see first-hand why teachers deserve our support?  Looking for a little bit of good karma or an altruistic mission to take your mind off your troubles?

Stop the agonizing soul-searching!  The answer is simple to do, fun, and worthwhile.

YOU need to volunteer to visit a classroom!

The Chicago AIA has recently inaugurated the Community Interface Committee which has taken on an Architects Visiting Schools Initiative with help from the Chicago Architecture Foundation.  The CAF has made the “what” part very easy by providing an amazing curriculum of sample lessons in “Schoolyards to Skylines.” Along with the CAF we will introduce you to a teacher (the “who” part) and a school (the “where” part.)  The only decision for you and the teacher to make is WHEN!  May I suggest that the sooner you sign up, the better you will feel?!

So, forget expensive therapy, forget drowning your sorrows in cheap beer (now that you can’t afford the good stuff ), engage a classroom full of students with your wit and charm for 60 to 90 minutes or more AT NO COST TO YOU and you will be wondering why you haven’t done this before!

Join us for the cutting edge in volunteer experiences.  Here are a few images of our pioneer volunteers to entice you.  Notice the beautiful smiles, twinkling eyes and un-mistakable outward glow of inner peace. (the kids look pretty good, too!)

Photos courtesy our lovely volunteers at DLR, KPC and NHDKMP. Contact the CIC or feel free to email me ( for more information on how we can help you re-discover your inner architect!

And thanks for reading this!  LK


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