National Design Services Act (NDSA)

This Proposal, an initiative of AIA National, Combines Student Debt Relief with Community Design Support

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National Design Services Act (NDSA)

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One Response to National Design Services Act (NDSA)

  1. I think this is a great step in the right direction towards the reduction of debt of those who graduate with degree’s in the engineering, design and other fields who don’t get the debt dissolving ability. In fact, an engineering degree, or a design degree can only be obtained from some of the most expensive schools in the world. If a person wants to be an engineer or an architect, he or she will have to pay more in college tuition than someone who wants to obtain a degree in human services. The professional of the human service discipline can get their tuition forgiven.

    I worked in social services, and was also a part of AmerCorp. I love giving back to the community, and I am certain that most other people do as well. Even if a person didn’t like giving back to the community, he or she would strongly consider, in order to alleviate their $100,000 school debt.

    I have student loans, and I have been really thinking about how to dissolve them without taking on a task harder than just paying them off myself. A national design service corps would be great for engineering and design professional, but it would also be great for all of the communities they will serve.

    This is a win-win, even though I hate saying the phrase win-win, but this obviously is one.

    Yes, give me a way to dissolve my debt, the same way medical, Social services and other professionals have been afforded the same ability.

    I am ready to volunteer to make this a reality.

    Where do we start?


    d’Escoto, Inc.

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