CPS CTE Internship Program

CPS is looking for architecture firms to participate in their 2015 CPS CTE Internship program! This is a great opportunity to support Chicago’s young people in becoming better prepared for school and life after high school.

Who:           CPS CTE Rising Seniors in High School who are deemed as “work-ready”
What:          2015 CPS CTE Internships in partnership with One Summer Chicago
When:         June 29-August 7, 2015; 20 hours per week
Pay:             Directly through CPS, $8.25 per hour directly to student, supervisor will provide direction, oversight, and sign time sheets.

Participating companies:

      • May not be a home-based company;
      • May be asked to provide CTA fare cards for the first 4 weeks of the internship;
      • Must provide a job description for each position type on the registration form;
      • May request the specific student(s) that visited your organization on Job Shadow Day as your summer intern(s).

If you are interested in participating, please click on the link and complete the request process before June 5, 2015.   Sign Up Today!

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