AIA Chicago Responds to Recent Post-Election Statements

November 14, 2016

To members of AIA Chicago:
The AIA Chicago Board of Directors wants to assure our members that we do not support the recent statement made by national AIA on November 10, which prematurely expressed the support of AIA’s 89,000 members for an unarticulated infrastructure agenda made by the incoming presidential administration. Further, we are committed to working with all of you to deepen our diversity and inclusion initiatives, and to continue the discussions that affect positive change on issues that are critical to our profession. We believe in and are dedicated to:

  • Supporting our members, our committee leaders, our board and our staff as we engage, educate and challenge our elected leaders locally, regionally and nationally on the issues faced by architects;
  • Assuring that the built environment addresses the realities of climate change;
  • Creating more equitable opportunities for all in our profession regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation;
  • Upholding our professional standards of creating spaces that are safe and promote equality for our clients and the public;
  • Building stronger and more resilient communities, including urban, suburban and rural areas in which our members practice and live.

AIA Chicago vows to continue work that is already under way to give all members a voice on how these goals can be achieved now and long into the future. To do this, we need all of you to continue to engage in the work of our chapter and continue to express your views and opinions. It is in working together that we can accomplish the most and make the greatest impact.

Your voice will keep us moving forward.

Dawn Schuette, FAIA     2016 Board President
Matthew Dumich, AIA     2016 First Vice President 2017 Board President
Anthony P. LoBello, AIA     2015 Board President
Scott Rappe, AIA     2014 Board President

For link to statement click here.

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One Response to AIA Chicago Responds to Recent Post-Election Statements

  1. Ravi Ricker says:

    Thank you all for an extremely thoughtful response to our quickly changing world.

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