Architects in Schools at Cameron Elementary-Students share their thoughts about day 1

Eighth grade students at Cameron Elementary share their thoughts about Lesson One of the AIS program.  In the first session, students learn the definition of architecture. Our mentors introduce the idea of architecture through quick design exercises such as speed sketching, measuring with their bodies, and creating zero waste sculptures.

Shawnte Child’s, Sean Richardson, Angel Ornelas and Yailin Gomez talk about what they learned. 

What did you like/dislike about the lesson?

What we liked about the architects was when we did the sculptures. That was really fun. And when we drew the buildings,  that was also fun.  One thing that we disliked was when we were in the hallway measuring the walls and how long the hallway was. But we never knew that a lot of kids can fit in the hallway.

What did you find challenging?

What we found challenging was when we had to measure how long the hallway was. Another thing we found challenging was when we had to look at the pictures and then draw them,  but sometimes not really getting the same thing. Another thing we found that was challenging was when we had to do the sculptures and use our own ideas. 

Did you learn new skills? What were they?

The skills that we learned were to draw with as much detail in a little amount of time. And to start with the main part of the picture then look at the other things around it. It does not matter how good it looks;  it’s about drawing.

 Did you do something new or that you didn’t think you were able to do? How did it make you feel?  

 Yes we did do something new.  We made sculptures and it looked nice just by ripping paper. Another thing we did new was looking at the pictures and then drawing what we saw.  It was fun doing the activity.


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