Architects in School at Cameron Elementary talk about Lesson 4

Cameron Elementary students share their thoughts on the process of collaboration and exchanging thoughts as a group.  Lesson 4 of the Architects in Schools program introduces the concepts of scale, programming, and teamwork.

  1. 1.What did you like/dislike about the lesson?

The most interesting part of the lesson was the idea of being able to observe two places such as a city and a quiet place and to share our ideas with each other and then decide what we want to build in a city or a quiet place. We also liked how many people were able to let their thoughts out about what could be rebuilt in areas without anyone judging.

  1. What did you find challenging?

The part of the lesson that we found challenging was all of us agreeing to one thing. Most of us wanted something else but part of the group wanted something bigger. We found it challenging to agree with each other and to think kind of the same way and do something that we all agree on.

  1. What skills did you use ?

The skills that we used were collaboration and how to work as a group. We learned how to communicate with other. Also, we used clues to figure out how we should make something new and what would fit best in the area.

4. Did you learn new skills? What were they?

We learned a lot of new skills which were to be more aware of our surroundings and observing what we want in a specific home, store, or even a playground. We also learned that sketching doesn’t have to be perfect it’s the thought that is expressed is what counts.

  1. Did you do something new or that you didn’t think you were able to do? How did it make you feel?  

Yes, we learned that we can draw better than we thought. It made us feel good because if you think you can’t do something, and then you see you can do it, you feel better because you know that you can do what you thought you weren’t be able to do.

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