During 2010, the CIC conducted a survey of AIA Chicago members with the intent to capture the current local climate of how architects and design professionals are engaged in their communities, and to what extent pro bono services are offered in Chicago. Download this PDF with groovey graphics to see the results.

The following are highlights from the overall survey results:

  • Most of the respondents volunteer between 1-10 hours a month.  Only 15% of those surveyed do not contribute any time to volunteer efforts.
  • 20% of architects spend more than half of their time providing pro-bono architectural or design related activities.  Over 40% of respondents don’t spend any volunteer time on architectural or design related services.
  • The most popular project types served by volunteering architects include community planning, cultural and education projects.  Over half of the respondents have an interest in participating in design charrette opportunities.
  • Respondents would prefer to establish a sustained, long-standing relationship with a specific non-profit organization.
  • Respondents’ top motivators for providing pro bono work include: involvement with collaborating organizations, social relevance, design opportunities and having a personal impact.
  • Available time and financial constraints are the largest obstacles to providing pro-bono services.
  • 75% of respondents would be more likely to participate if there were a database of community groups seeking pro bono services or a website with posted pro-bono design opportunities

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